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14 June
Getting the Most From Social Security Through Comprehensive Planning


Recent rule changes to Social Security have complicated the retirement decisions facing today's baby boomers.

New rules, a changing tax and interest rate environment, and stock market volatility make getting the most from Social Security even more important.

This lightning-quick informational session will reveal:

» Six changes affecting Social Security in 2022.
» Simple ways to increase your Social Security benefits.
» Who is impacted most by the recent rule changes to Social Security.
» How you may be able to reduce or eliminate taxes on your Social Security.
» File for Social Security benefits early or delay? What's better for you?
» Common mistakes that routinely cost many retirees thousands in lifetime SS benefits.
» Why the stock market could influence your Social Security decision.

Date and Time

Tue, Jun 14, 2022

5:45p - 8:00p PST



2750 Egypt Road
Audubon , PA 19403
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